Join Date: November 2003

Silver Date: GGF2

Gold Date: K4

Birthday: 17th February




In her own wordsEdit

I joined in November 2003 having done my first RAoK on Halloween. I first started going on the forum about a year later and as a result have made lots of amazing friends and found the man of my dreams (awww).

I was made Silver at GGF2 in Nottingham, I assume for always sending sweets to random people, I did that a lot, although I did also ask Danny if he would Silver me, then at K4 I got Golded, which I wasn't expecting at all.

I moved to Gateshead to live with the super Joinee Rothwell in July 2006. I'm going to marry him in July 2010, he's THAT nice.

I'm stupidly glad I joined basically. It's ace.

Click For Photo Of HBR

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