Join Date: August 2003

Silver Date: Join Me June (5th June 2004)

Gold Date: K3 - 2005

Birthday: 16th February

Where?: London


Job: Web Author

In his own wordsEdit

Brilliant lad, birthday brother of Silver Joinee Phillips and generally 7% better than everyone else. He is a moderately skilled web developer and works as a Web Author. One of the joint editors of the Joinee Newsletter, along with Platinum Joinee Rufous. He drinks a lot and is often drunk in the company of fellow Joinees. He has a pretty girlfriend.

In the words of othersEdit

Creator of an album around the time of Join Me June 1.

Matthew Bee - voted second best looking joinee in a recent poll. He lives in Durham and spends most of his time on his computer. He has nice eyes.

Also known as Gangle.

Click For Photo of Bee

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