Whilst looking for Join Me links to add to my Wiki site, I found on the MSN site a link described as 'A Joinee Wiki encyclopedia by Joinee West of Solihull'. With trepidation I clicked on it and found this. This other Wiki was started 13th January 2005, by Joinee West, and last updated on the 7th April 2005.

I feel duty bound to point out the existence of this other Wiki with this page link from the first page, just because I wasn't the first person to think of it. For the record, though, I'm not basing this site on his site. For a start, at the stage I've discovered this other Wiki I've created over 250 pages, whilst he has 56.

Thank you!

Gold Joinee Brake, 16 April 2005

Can't find an email address for you so shall reply here. I set up the wiki a few months back, then fell heavily into exams. I kept it tidy and removed spam etc., but didn't do much more. The wiki didn't get much attention and I didn't 'promote' it at all. I've been so out of the loop I just discovered your wiki today! I admit I was a little put out for about 30 seconds, but then realised I was being silly - I didn't put much work in and yours is far better! And you're a Joinee so are clearly a very cool guy and weren't being deliberately malicious...And, if I remember correctly, you had far more important things on your mind than other wikis a few months back :-) I've changed my site to point to yours. Nice job!
26th July 2005

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