British 'magician', relying on his expertise in subtle hypnotic suggestions and the ability to recognise the subtlest of body language to make uncanny predictions, or make people behave in strange ways. In a word, subtle. In another couple of words, very good at it. Made it into Join Me Top Trumps, possibly due to undetected spooky mind-control.

More DetailsEdit

Derren Brown (born 27 February 1971) is a British psychological illusionist (mentalist). He was born in Croydon, Surrey, and while studying Law and German at the University of Bristol he attended a show by the hypnotist Martin S Taylor, who inspired him to turn to magic and hypnosis as a career. From the mid-1990s he worked as conjurer, practising the traditional skills of close-up magic. Later, Brown changed the emphasis of his tricks, claiming that they worked only based on the power of "mind control" or "mind reading". Many of these psychological illusions are, in essence, tricks known to magicians but skilfully performed and enhanced by Brown's personality and showman's flair to influence and misdirect.

For further details about Derren Brown and his TV shows and one-off televised experiments, check out the Wikipedia page devoted to him.

Extra ThingsEdit

The premier Derren Brown fansite is run and spring-cleaned by the creator of the Join Me Devon Nemesis - a website designed purely to mock the efforts of the Joinees of Devon, and the now-defunct Join Me Devon. The fansite can be found here

Joinee discretion is advised when visiting the Nemesis site. This site may contain nuts. And sarcasm.

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