Day of dragon handout

Welcome handout

Brighton, 23rd April 2005

This meet came about primarily because Joinees K & Kennington decided it was time to have another meet in Brighton, following on from the success of Brighton Pirate Meet (I)!

There was also a strong desire to share with everybody the amazing restaurant, The Laughing Onion, run by a unique 73-year-old singing Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Jordane.

The name of the meet comes from the fact that it was to be held on Saint George's Day, and the organisers held this to be a day named in rather bad taste, since the killing of dragons is not a matter to be glorified.


During the day, various competitions were run including RAoKing bingo, as played at the JOINverness Pilgrimage 1 in Inverness. One team very cunningly completed the challenge without ever leaving their table at the pub! Amongst the prizes were some very unusual items which could really only have been purchased in a town like Brighton!

We also presented Joinee Kennington with a T-shirt bearing a dragon he had designed himself. He got so drunk, celebrating this, that at 5 a.m. that morning, he awoke to find himself walking to the hospital. This absence of Tim from reality meant that a preposterous number of Joinees were accommodated on the floor and lawn of Kieran (Joinee K), who had only intended to host about half of them. However, much fun was had by all...

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Other meets in the town are on the Brighton page.

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  • Many photos were taken but most have been removed from MSN due to lack of space. They will be archived elsewhere shortly.
  • There is also an infamous video of the singing of Bohemian Rhapsody in the Laughing Onion... to be uploaded somewhere soon.
  • The original notice encouraging Joinees to attend the Laughing Onion.

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