Co-writer of Are You Dave Gorman? and instigator of various other silly boy projects, including the one that lead to his book Googlewhack.

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Gorman NU

Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman (born 2 March 1971 in Stafford, England) is a documentary-comedian and humorist. He performs comedy shows on stage in which he tells true stories of extreme adventures and presents the evidence to the audience in order to prove to them that, unlike in most other stage presentations, it is a true story. He is a former stand-up comedian.

Dave Gorman shot to fame following a drunken bet with friend Danny Wallace. The bet was thus: Dave claimed that he shared the name "Dave Gorman" with the assistant manager of East Fife F.C. and that there must be "loads" of others around. Danny disagreed with him. So the two travelled to East Fife (from London—several hundred miles), with a video camera, to meet the assistant manager, whose name was indeed Dave Gorman. More trips followed to meet more Dave Gormans.

Dave Gorman is not a Joinee and is unlikely to be. Joinee Whitby asked him whether he'd like to join, after meeting him at the test show of "Googlewhack". He said "It's Danny's thing."

For further details on this project and other things Dave Gorman, check out the Dave Gorman page at Wikipedia. Or one of these pages:

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