Acts of charity undertaken by Join MeEdit

Ordered by Danny from using the proceeds from K2 in December 2003Edit

  • Purchase of a revolving goat in Africa
  • a cow for a village in India
  • a fishing boat for a village in India
  • a nutrition kit to ensure that 500 children in areas hit by war or natural disasters don't go hungry
  • four Christmas hampers for elderly Britons without presents via Oxfam

Individual Joinee achievementsEdit

  • Repurchase of a terminally ill Thai farmer's farm, to ensure his family's livelihood after his death at Join Me June in 2004 (He'd had had to sell part of it to pay for failed medical treatment.)
  • Sale of a gazillion (approx) rubber ducks to raise money for [...insert charity here...] by Silver Joinee Atkinson. He also ran a fun-run dressed as a gorilla. Wazzock.
  • Double Pink Joinee Stooz ran the 2005 London Marathon dressed in a pink wig and tutu, in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.
  • Currently there is an online game being run (a Formula 1 motor racing strategy game) which is raising money for charity. On other occasions, "games nights" have been held where players of board games donate notional "prize money" to charity, raised from their "entry fee" to the contest. Typically, 100% of the money goes to the charity selected.

...and the list goes on. Most Join MEets nowadays raise money for charitable causes. Loverpool is one of the most successful, with the relatively small, regional meet regularly raising approximately £500. The big, national, annual meets like GGF and Karmageddon also raise similar amounts of money, through such things as charity auctions and guess-the-sweets-in-the-jar competitions, etc... even the sale of home baking!

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