Join MeetsEdit

Fun-palace-by-sea has been host to several Join Meets, the biggest of which have been:

The Day of the Dragon meet concluded with a meal at the astonishing Laughing Onion restaurant, where 73-year-old chanteur extraordinaire Jean-Jacques Jordane cooks deeply mediocre food and gets thoroughly marinated himself before appearing in the tiny wood-panelled 1950s throwback of a restaurant to serenade the diners with gems from his career. He has known, sometimes intimately, some of the greats including, it is claimed, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis and Brigitte Bardot. His most loved song is probably the Marlene Deitrich styled Non, je ne regrete rien.


At the time of writing, several Joinees live in or around Brighton, and several from further afield hold a soft spot for the place in their hearts.

At the start of the 2004/05 academic year there was founded a University of Sussex Join Me Society, but it is not known if it is still active.

The placeEdit

Brighton basically exists for partying. In the early 19th Century the Prince Regent, later to be King George IV, rented a small farmhouse in the fishing village of Brighthelmstone to enjoy life with his illegal Catholic wife. It became a very fashionable place for the beautiful people of the time, and a popular location for romantic liasons and affairs! This tradition continues to this day...

External LinksEdit

Several sites of photographs exist and will be linked from here.

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