Possibly the most looked-forward-to year ever - after all, in 999, lots of people didn't even know it was 999.

2000, also known as the Millenium, was the year we all expected to see aeroplanes falling out of the sky due to the "Millenium Bug". On the whole, they didn't, although a lot of information technology workers made a tidy sum fixing things in advance of the start of the year.

(Arguably) not actually the start of the 21st Century, since there wasn't a "year 0", leaving 1001 and 2001 as the first years of their respective millenia.

In 2000, Danny Wallace was 24 years old and probably had no idea where he'd be in 5 years' time.

Other famous 2000sEdit

  • The Triumph 2000, a fine motor car.
  • The Rover 2000, also, curiously enough, a motor car.
  • 2000 is twice as far as The Proclaimers would walk to fall down at your door.

Other possible Join Me connectionsEdit

  • At one point, there were 2000 Joinees. There are more now.
  • 2000 rubber ducks is the exact number required to span the width of Brighton Pier.*

* This may not have ever actually been measured.

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