Yes, the book is several flavours of funny. Let's look at the list again.

"Unfailingly funny." - Arthur Smith

One of the funniest stories you will ever read.” Daily Mail

Very funny.” Independent on Sunday

“Join Me is the kind of book I love: effortlessly funny, painfully accurate and entertaining to the very end. Brilliant.” Mike Gayle

“Danny Wallace does things few people would and writes about them in ways that few people could. He’s as funny as Bill Bryson used to be.” Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday

Very funny and, in its own way, an affirmation of the generosity of the human spirit.” The Independent

“As you’d expect from Wallace, a lot of it is very funny. Hideously, out-loud-laughingly funny.” BANG Magazine

Hugely funny.” Word Magazine

So it's official. Join Me, the book. It's funny.

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